2017 Fitzgerald Awards


2017 Corporate Partner of the Year

For every cause there’s a champion and we have a company of champions working with us: Comcast.

Their philanthropic efforts have done so much for BCYF.  They continuously host fabulous events for families in Boston, support our BCYF SuperTeens summer pre-employment program and most recently they have partnered with us to outfit BCYF community centers with the latest technology to offer digital literacy to Boston’s teens. Their dedication of time, resources and attention to BCYF is extensive and that is why the Foundation for BCYF has chosen Comcast to receive the 2017 Corporate Partner of the Year award.


Kevin Fitzgerald Award for Community Empowerment

Our Kevin Fitzgerald Award for Community Empowerment goes to a true daughter of Boston and an advocate for all members of our city. Her tireless work for Boston’s youth make her one of Boston’s boldest voices of community empowerment. Through her work at Hawthorne Youth Center and beyond, we are proud to call her an ally in our service to uplift all of Boston’s young people. Congratulations Liz Miranda.


Kevin Fitzgerald Award for Citywide Excellence

The Kevin Fitzgerald Award for Citywide Excellence is presented in honor of the late state representative Kevin Fitzgerald’s dedication and commitment to Boston. Those considered for the award exhibit passion and knowledge of the community they work in, a willingness to go above and beyond their job description to provide exceptional service and programming, and, most importantly, dedication to BCYF’s mission. More than 24 staff people were nominated for the award.  After much deliberation, this year’s winners are: Ahmed Ali, Jermaine Headlam, and Roberta Smalls!


Ahmed Ali: As the BCYF Hennigan Community Center's youth worker, Ahmed has had a tremendous impact on the Hennigan’s teen program, growing the program by more than 100%. Ali is a true gentleman whose heart is always with the young people. He helps teens with homework, serves as informal counselor, involves them in sports, is always identifying new opportunities for teens to grow and improve themselves and so much more.




Jermaine Headlam: Jermaine is a selfless and committed BCYF Streetworker and an exemplary employee of BCYF. Jermaine is always willing to help and goes above and beyond to get the task done with the highest level of professionalism. He is loved and respected by his peers and is a community fixture on the neighborhood level, where he has positively re-directed the lives of hundreds of proven-risk youth and young adults during his tenure as a Streetworker.




Roberta Smalls: As program manager of Camp Joy and BCYF’s Central Region, Roberta represents the very best of BCYF. She has completely dedicated herself to serving and advocating for the families and special members of the Camp Joy Program. As a program manager for the Central Region, Roberta is always there to guide, support and mentor her co-workers from sites in that region. She takes pride in her work, and her genuine love of the work that happens in BCYF shines through daily.

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