2020 marks the 10th anniversary of HubNob, an annual event hosted by the Foundation for Boston Centers for Youth & Families to raise support and awareness for Boston Centers for Youth & Families. This year, the celebration will include 10 days of virtual and community-based activities, actions, and celebrations to celebrate and support BCYF and the communities of Boston. 10 separate events and activities will take place in honor of HubNob’s decennial, culminating in a final virtual event with Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh* to take place on Tuesday, November 10, 2020. This year’s celebration will look undeniably different from past events, and not in the way we had expected, but it will still incorporate many of the special aspects that make HubNob, singularly, HubNob! It is certain to be unique, memorable, and most importantly, crucially beneficial to BCYF, Boston’s own community center network.






Boston Centers for Youth & Families is the City of Boston’s largest human service agency and a leading out-of-school time provider serving over 2,500 individuals every day and over 60,000 members each year. BCYF offers a wide range of affordable out-of-school time and family-centered programs within its large network of 36 facilities, which includes 30 community centers, 18 pools, and 1 beach located across Boston.  With so many programs, the BCYF network truly has something for everyone and BCYF community centers are where people go to make connections, find their community, and express who they are:

  • “We are” campers, students, teachers, performers, athletes, explorers
  • "We are” young and old
  • “We are” diverse
  • "We are” neighbors and part of the community
  • #WeAreBCYF







HubNob 2020 will consist of virtual and community-based activities, actions, and celebrations taking place during the first 10 days of November 2020 and culminating in a final virtual celebration with Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh.


Tickets and registration information coming soon! The schedule of events and activities is as follows:


Sunday, November 1: KICKOFF! Auction; Restaurant Week Scavenger Hunt; Virtual 5K


Monday, November 2:  Spotlight on BCYF Centers - Follow us on social media!


Tuesday, November 3: Get Out the Vote


Wednesday, November 4: BCYF Alumni Day


Thursday, November 5: Honor Community Champions


Friday, November 6: Youth Led Virtual Event


Saturday, November 7: BCYF Community Caravan


Sunday, November 8: BCYF Virtual 5K


Monday, November 9: BCYF Staff Celebration (private event)


Tuesday, November 10: Virtual HubNob Celebration with Mayor Martin J. Walsh (pending availability)








The work of the BCYF network is never done, and it can not stop. Even when it seemed as though everything else had stopped during the COVID-19 shutdown, BCYF was still there doing the important work to care for individuals and families in need. Now, more than ever, it is important that BCYF continue to do its work, providing resources, services, and a wide variety of enrichment and learning opportunities for our neighbors and fellow Bostonians.


Funds raised through HubNob go directly into BCYF’s vast array of programming and services including but not limited to:

  • Virtual and in-person summer programming such as summer youth employment opportunities for teens and summer camps for youth;
  • Virtual and in-person specialized programs for senior residents in Boston through our Senior Centers and local community centers;
  • Citywide initiatives such as the BCYF Citywide Spelling Bee and our Girls Leadership Corps;
  • Wellness programming such as BCYF Citywide Swim League and BCYF Family Gym;
  • Community-based events including BCYF Teen Nights and BCYF Block Parties;
  • Operational support to initiatives including new playground builds and resource upgrades to BCYF centers.


The Foundation for BCYF and BCYF remain steadfast in our commitment to empowering and uplifting communities and ensuring quality programming is available to everyone regardless of their abilities, preferences, income or zip code. The majority of BCYF programs provided are offered free of charge or at very affordable rates and support from the Foundation for BCYF allows BCYF to provide its members with the tools and equipment they need to participate in programming.


We hope you will join our event in November to support the critical work of BCYF and hear some of our success stories and learn more about the future of BCYF’s signature programs, initiatives, and services.


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