The Foundation for Boston Centers for Youth & Families provides programs and services for Boston youth & families.

The Foundation for BCYF secures funding and resources to support some of Boston Centers for Youth & Families key program priorities. These programs serve a diverse array of citizens in Boston and include the following:



BCYF offers adult education classes at many of their community centers. They're great for people looking to improve their English skills or get ready for high school equivalence testing. The classes are focused on the students, and take place at times that are convenient for working adults.



Boston residents of all ages can learn to swim and enjoy activities and classes in our many pools. BCYF aquatics programs offer the opportunity to come together to hone swimming skills and make new friends. Participants stay healthy and have fun in the water through aquatics programs such as:

  • Swim lessons that teach young swimmers to be safe while having fun in the pool;
  • Water fitness classes for adults who want to stay active;
  • The BCYF Citywide Swim League, sponsored by Partners HealthCare; and
  • Lifeguard training for young people who want to parlay their experience in the pool into fulfilling employment opportunities.



BCYF’s Family Gym is a free, weekly play program that promotes physical activity for children ages 3-8 and their families. Families from neighborhoods across Boston come together to engage in fun, physically active games. Family Gym is currently offered at:

  • BCYF Blackstone Community Center in the South End
  • BCYF Holland Community Center in Dorchester
  • BCYF Madison Park Community Center in Roxbury



BCYF welcomes girls of all ages and backgrounds to join us in becoming healthy, strong, confident, and successful women.  The GIRLS Initiative runs Girls Leadership Corps, Girls Nights, and helps the community centers develop and provide a welcoming environment and exciting programs for girls.



BCYF offers a variety of accessible, inclusive programs for seniors, both at Grove Hall and Golden Age Senior centers, and at community centers. Seniors attend Memory Cafes, exercise programs, social groups, and learn tech skills, all in a safe, affordable environment that allows them to socialize with their peers while feeling included in the larger community.



BCYF works with youth, their families, and community members to help prevent youth violence. BCYF’s Streetworkers have been mediating conflict and supporting Boston youth in need for more than 25 years. Streetworkers also connect youth and families with important resources.



BCYF offers many summer activities at our community centers across Boston. BCYF Summer programs include:

  • Summer camps and day programs
  • Swimming
  • Sports programs
  • Neighborhood block parties
  • Drop-in activities
  • Summer jobs

These activities support healthy development and learning and encourage participants to build on their natural energy and creativity.



BCYF teen centers and programs help youth prepare for school, work, and life. These teen programs aim to foster self worth, belonging and membership, responsibility and autonomy, physical and mental health, civic and social ability, and intellectual ability. Key teen initiatives include:

  • SuperTeens - A summer pre-employment and personal development program specifically tailored to the needs of young 13 and 14 year old teens to prepare them for future employment.
  • Snap Shot - A unique summer job opportunity for teens that employs them as photographers to for BCYF summer activities and gives participants on the job training and skill development in photography.
  • Youth Ventures - This partnership with the United Way teaches teens to start entrepreneurial ventures that help their communities, then gives them the seed money to start their businesses and allow them to grow and thrive.
  • Youth Advisory Committee - This teen committee meets to learn about civic. engagement, local government, leadership skills, and to advise BCYF staff on the needs of Boston’s young people and deliver the most effective youth programming possible.

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